Tuesday, July 9, 2013

John Key---you are just a political bully! Conscience vote only on his terms!

If any National MP has a conscience then now is the time to show it and vote how they truly believe on the casino conference centre. I find it hard to believe that all of them agree with John Key's stance. The fact that he has virtually 'ordered' his MPs to back the proposal means that none of them will go against his will. He will have his way and the MPs in his caucus know that if they want a future in 'his' party then they will have to tow the line.
Don't expect a mass breaking in the ranks. If even one of the National MPs actually dares to vote against the casino plans then they will be doomed to battle for their reselection at the next election.
Will there be a Marilyn Waring?  I doubt it but will be most pleased if someone comes out of the woodwork.
If anyone needed proof that John Key is a megalomaniac in drag, then here it is. He is determined to get his policy through at all costs. The cost to him should be that NZ finally sees him for what he is--- a face that hides the truth--- He is intent on turning NZ into 'his way or the highway!
Come on Nats! There must be some of you who can live up to the much vaunted claim that your party represents 'middle New Zealand and not some fascist state! Conscience vote my ass!

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