Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Parliament had a chance last night to take a stand for the protection of animals from harmful testing--all so 'legal highs' can be sold! Shame on you!

Parliament missed a chance last night to enhance the protection of animals when it comes to using them for testing substances that are intended for the recreational use of people. Most New Zealanders are concerned about the so-called ‘legal highs’ that are being sold at our corner shops. Yes, Parliament is about to make that much more difficult and the legalisation that is finally going to be enacted will make it that much more difficult for those who ‘prey’ on our young people and make huge profits from plying their evil trade.
What is so sad is that last night Parliament missed the chance to protect animals from the testing that is necessary to make sure that these drugs are ‘safe.’ ‘That will involve a certain amount of testing’ say the proponents of the main bill. But---- testing either here in New Zealand, or worse, overseas in countries that have an appalling record re the rights of their people, never lone for animals should not be condoned at all.
Mojo and John Banks were on the same side in their desire to prohibit such moves but they did not have the support of the ‘spineless’ NZ First Party (So the elderly supports of that party who often have pets, agree with their darling, Winston?!) and mainly National members of parliament.
It is disgraceful that we as a nation will allow testing on animals for something most of us agree is harmful to humans and for a product that is there for recreational use. I dislike that description; it just makes it all seem so unnecessary. Are we not mostly in  agreement that we want these substances banned completely, so that our hospital wards can get on with the other work they need to do and not be using their precious resources to combat a substance that is increasingly causing concern re its use?
I am assume that many of you reading this will be angry. Let your local MP know about your concern and even consider voting against them at the next election. That this was a party vote also makes me mad. Surely it is a conscious issue. Shame on you ‘sheep’ who followed your leaders on this issue (namely the National Party and the defunct Peter Dunne Party) and voted against Mojo’s amendment. You will not be forgotten.
To all people who feel even a smidgeon of discomfort over this issue---get out there and ‘tell your MPs’ in no uncertain terms,’ what you think.
To those who think it’s OK to test on animals, for a recreational drug, then I wonder what else you would allow through as law. We are not talking about some medical breakthrough that will save lives or lead to better lives---we are talking about a substance or collection of substances that ‘harm people in every way!’ Mojos amendment would have gone some way to establishing a base from which we could have operated for other substances, and the list would indeed be long. At least her move was a damned good start. PARLIAMENT MISSED A VERY VALUABLE CHANCE!

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