Monday, July 8, 2013

Fickle Australian voters do a complete turn around or is it that they can see through Tony?

A couple of weeks ago, very few people would have picked that the Coalition led by Tony Abbot would do anything other than completely annihilate the Labor Party at the upcoming elections. Julia Gillard (for all the wrong reasons) was leading a party over the cliff; to a place from which most saw them as taking years to resurrect. The infighting in the Labor Party just added to that prospect.
Then, along comes Ned Kelly---oops I mean Kevin Rudd and all bets are off if anything can be taken from the polls. One must ask---‘Did Australians really hate the ‘hard lady who sometimes cried,’ that much? It can’t have been her policies alone, because apart from a bit of tweaking here and there, they are basically the same as Kevin’s. It must therefore be about perception with undertones of a deeply sexist Australian society. It seems that ‘strong women’ are not favoured in Aussie politics. That Australian women have fought to build a strong Australia just as hard as men (some would say more) seems to have been relegated to a place that does not take into account their huge contributions.
I have alluded to Australia being a ‘hard place,’ in every sense of the word, in previous blogs and this latest turn around adds to my ‘perception.’ Maybe I have totally missed the point (I can hear the raucous cries of—you got that right mate!’) OK, you have brought back Kevin, but the problems you face are the same. Is it that a man is now mouthing the solutions that you can get on with things and put things ‘right?’
I remain perplexed!

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