Saturday, July 27, 2013

Matt McCarten---He 'suggests' that Kim Dotcom could be a political reality!

'Surely not,' you say. How could this publicity seeking giant take on the Prime Minister and then be in a position to influence Parliament? Matt makes the suggestion that this could be possible, given the amount of support that KDC seems to have in the community. Whether that translates into political influence depends on KDC's taking on the role of forming a new party. So far he has not said that he has aspirations in this area. If he did, it does seem feasible that there could be enough support for his cause from nerds, computer hackers and the like, who spend most of their time indoors gaining that pasty look that goes with the territory.
Add those who wish to 'shove one' at the PM and you could well have the scenario that Matt so cheekily puts forward. Hey, just think for a minute. How many of the KDC followers actually get out and vote? Not the obvious 'shove it' to Key lot---they usually belong to other parties, other than a fictional KDC party, but if the nerds ever get organized and drag themselves to the polling booths, then anything is possible. Maybe their supporting of KDC will have the added virtue of improving their health.
OK, so the impossible happens. Poor Key. Who the hell will he negotiate with? Not Dunne because he's 'done.' Not The Maori Party, because they won't exists (in parliament) and certainly not Hone, because Key would take a bad health down-turn' if he had to talk to Hone at length. Who then? Damn, will he have to swallow every bit of pride he has left and do a deal with  Labour? Of course not; he would get into bed with Winston again! Oh, there is always the possibility that Banks does a Lazarus or God forbid, the Conservatives get over the threshold and force a return to some policies of old, many of which even the National Party has long since left behind in the annals of history.
Maybe Johnny boy hopes he will lose!  

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