Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ran into David Shearer on the beach at Pt Chev today!

NO I didn't literally 'run' into David. I'd save that for the 'Dear Leader.' Oops, I got that wrong. Didn't someone try and fail to run into dear Johnny in South Korea. Sorry, I got a bit excited and I an not so nasty as to want a success on that line anyway, despite my obvious dislike of JK and his Government, but we live in New Zealand, 'Land of the Long suffering cloud,' and we don't do things that way.
What we should have happen is for the two Davids to sit down and make things happen so that we don't have to suffer any longer. Both Davids are really great guys. Both have that something special that NZ needs to raise its head and feel proud again. I doubt many JK supporters read my blogs so I don't expect any upfront vomiting from those dear readers taking my observations too seriously.
It was good and somehow 'normal' to see David S  having a family day. We need our politicians of all ilk maintaining that connection with the real aspects of life---'like taking a wander' along the sand at a lovely beach. Go well, both Davids. DS must be OK---Why----because my dear Jack Russell, Perdy is a very good judge of character! She did  not bite him.

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