Saturday, July 27, 2013

got rid of Sky Sports and most of the films---Can I cope?

My God, the first few days were terrible. No films, apart from the odd one or two on TV 1,2,3,Prme and the Maori Channel and no sports. I did this to save money. I'm practising for the time when such costs will not be affordable---retirement, theoretically, although something tells me I shall be working for many years in some capacity.
I surprised myself tonight. I watched, observed, followed, call it what you wish, the game between the Crusaders and the Chiefs in Hamilton. No, I didn't do it the old fashioned way; the radio. I followed live from the NZ Herald site where they had a live blog. I even managed few comments of my own. Man that felt so butch! Damn, it was nerve-wracking; just like the old days when we huddled around the radio---you know the ones--- the old valve radio.
I think I shall be OK with my half price Sky now. I record all sorts of programmes and 'time shift' to suit me. I just hope I don't fold and ring up Sky to say, 'please---it's all too much---put me back on!'
I shall resist that urge. The money I save will go towards my dream campervan; the one that I shall travel NZ with and write my stories and my blogs.

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