Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Australian politics. If I said that I will never make fun of Aussie politics again, would you believe me!

Of course not. Are you stupid and would I miss a chance to shove it at the coussies across the ditch. Come one, get real it's such fun as Miranda's mum says. AND, before you get your tits in a tangle my dear cousins, take a look at what I say about New Zealand or America politics. I am very even in my diatribes. Go one step further and read my Russian observations and if you need any more proof of my balanced political state of mind, then see the blogs about the 'Dear Leader' purporting to rule North Fanta'see'land, Korea. Of course in the latter's case we are definitely in the comedy genre; well it would be if wasn't for the millions of his citizens who were suffering.
The last few weeks of 'post Julia' Government in Australia have been truly remarkable. The Labor Party were for most pundits, done and stuffed, not just for the upcoming elections, but for quite a few to come. The vultures were gathering; in some Coalition candidate's cases, probably buying up real estate in the surety that they would soon be gathered around the cabinet table in Canberra. I am not saying that such an eventuality is not going to happen, but they must be a little more wary now, that 'Big Kevin' is back and looking like he knows what he is doing.
Take a look at his body language when he is either being interviewed, or when he stands behind one of the Labor  Cabinet Ministers as they announce new policy or a 'U-turn' on a previously unpopular policy. The 'Man' looks like a leader. He exudes confidence. Gone is that stumbling, rejected shadow of a man who sniped away from the sides. Kevin is one of those people who thrives on power and now that he is back, he is throwing himself at the Australian electorate.
I will no longer be surprised if he enacts a phoenix-like quality and trounces the opposition.
For his part, Tony Abbott is looking increasingly desperate. It is at times like this that Aussie politics ( I suspect that we are goi9jgn  to see the same in NZ, as we near out date with destiny!)turns even more dirty. Expect to see all sorts of filth, real and unreal, being dragged form deep and dark backroom cupboards. It is most surely, game on!
To be fair, so that I can stay true to my claim that I am completely unbiased, expect the same from both major parties. The Greens must be pissing in their boots as they see their share of the vote diminishing as the fortunes of the Labor Party begin to resemble a position that is the 'norm' for them in the polls.
Have fun, Aussies. Don't get sucked in by the dancing mime artists; well no more than you usually do. For our part in New Zealand; we shall watch from across the 'ditch', knowing that either way it makes 'feck-all' difference to us. You will continue to make sheep jokes and we will still love you!

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