Monday, July 15, 2013

Perdy felt sick yesterday, but OMG---she was back on form today!

I always feel kind of useless when Perdy is under the weather. Yesterday she threw up in the car. I should have known, given the warning signs. I took her for her usual run down at the bay, but she was listless and after one throw of the ball she just headed back to the car.
On the way home she made her mark (I'm washing the covers as I write) and for the rest of the day it was sleeping, not eating and giving me this--'Daddy---why don't you make me feel better,' look. She was due for her annual check up at the vets so we rang to see if we could get her in a day early. They asked us to keep an eye on her and would see her today.
Today came and she was back to her normal resilient self. I headed towards a park I have seen just off Mt Eden Road near the actual mountain. I couldn't se any signs prohibiting me from 'exercising' Perdy (well they didn't  specifically say she was banned!) so it was off the leash and she bounded in her dolphin come crossed with a rabbit run, chasing her ball. We explored the little park together and decided that it would be our secret. It really is something quitter special; pity about the sign saying 'on leash area.' Damn. That must be for other dogs, right. Yeah, I know. There are many out there who hate it when doggie owners' flout the law and you will probably put the council onto  me. Hey, I picked up the poops. Do you want proof?!
My 'secret' park
Throw the damned ball, Daddy!
Well, what you waiting for---me to sing---I'm  dog, stupid!
All dressed up ready for the ball. The 'Ball' and the after party. I can boogie!

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