Thursday, July 18, 2013

The long shadow of Putin casts itself over any real opposition in Russia.

It seems that every time somebody  offers real opposition in Russia, they get arrested and charged with some sort of trumped up folly. If this happened once, one could possibly accept that maybe there were real issues behind the charges, but that is not the case. Yet again, this time for a candidate for the mayoralty of Moscow, a strong candidate finds himself in court and then being handed down a five year sentence.
I note that RT (Russian TV) takes every chance to highlight the short-comings of democracy in the USA and elsewhere but seldom focuses on the reality of a dying democracy in Russia. Of course they don't. They dare not because they too would find themselves on the wrong end of Putin's long and deadly influence. Poor Russia---- gradually sliding back into the same old traps of the past. Call it the power of the Tsar or the machinations of  Stalinist regime.

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