Friday, July 19, 2013

Who supports who in Syria!

I suggest that support for the various incumbents in Syria is based more on large power geopolitical considerations than it is for more basic humanitarian reasons. We have an indecisive Obama with his wishy washy policies, unable to support the President of Syria yet stumbling over his support for one of the factions aligned against the 'butcher of Damascus.' Then you have Hezbollah supporting the Syrian regime, but not the Government of Lebanon. Somewhere in the mix is  al-Qaida purported to have made a statement saying they wish to create a Sharia Law based region on the border near Turkey. With that prospect a distinct possibility we then have perhaps, but not necessarily a more moderate group who use the former claim to 'blackmail' the West into supporting their aims. Who are we to believe? If we took away the  interference of the major outside players, would the situation resolve itself? Maybe, but at what cost in human life and what sort of regime would emerge? Would it be one that has the support of the majority of Syrians, leaving of course  a 'rump' sector that would continue to fight for its deeply held cause? Therein lies the problem. If Russia, the USA and its cohort plus the Arab world in general cannot come to an agreed course of action then any interference to stop the carnage in Syria is doomed to failure. Will such an accord be reached. I very much doubt it. Look back to history to understand that statement. In the meantime, countless thousands of non- combatants will continue to die and have their homes destroyed. What a truly terrible future for this sad nation. The UN needs to step up to its founding principals and act as a body representative of all nations. So far that dream is nothing more than a deadly nightmare.

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