Friday, July 12, 2013

Spread the joy, Eden Coffee

Today I purchased my weekly addiction from Eden Coffee, on Mt Eden Road. I also picked up some wicked drinking chocolate (well it must be because it's called Evil Child!)  I always enjoy going to pick up my coffee beans, not because I know they are damned good, but because the welcome is so genuine. The guy remembers me and even seems to know what I brought last time. He offers advice and encourages me to try something else in the range. It seems that I have settled for a medium strength version. I don't know why, but my tastes have changed since my operation; not just with coffee, but also food.
Today was special. I was feeling good anyway because it is the start of the holidays for me and the sun was shining. I had taken Perdy for a walk on the 'Big King Reserve,' so Perdy was happy too.
While I was contemplating my choice I entered into my normal chat with the 'host' (because that's what it feels like) and another customer. The atmosphere was most convivial.
A new customer came in for his 'morning shot' and when he went to pay for it, our host said, 'It's on the house.' Another customer had 'forward paid' for the coffee. It's a sort of 'what goes around, comes around' thing, only with coffee, whereby if you want, you can pay for someone who you don't know to have a freebie.
The customer's face dropped, as if he didn't believe it and when our host explained the 'tradition' his face at first looked incredulous and then happy. The smile said it all.
When I paid my bill for the coffee beans, the incredible drinking chocolate (Our hosts explained a few versions of how to get the best out of it) I decided to 'forward pay' for the next person who came in with a 'big smile.' Our host and I decided to call it the 'forward smile' coffee. I can't wait to hear next time I go in (that will be during the week, now that I am on holiday), who received my gift.
I left with a huge smile on my face.

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