Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mr Dunne---So you are very uncomfortable with many aspects of the 'spy bill!'

Given the obvious discomfort MR Dunne has re many aspects of the 'spy Bill,' then why the hell is he not making a real stand and helping to defeat this unpopular piece of legislation? He can help stop it in its tracks. Come on Peter, you did well enough but didn't quite travel the whole mile on the synthetic cannabis bill, so now lets see your real self, if it isn't hidden under your will to 'stay alive' along with this 'lost' Government. Now is the time to make your mark. Bring down this bill. You must be desperate to hold onto the little power you have left and any vestige of moral virtue but if you want to be remembered for doing the right thing, then now is the time to act. Stand up, Peter! What more evidence do you need in order to come to the conclusion that this Bill is not in the best interests on New Zealand!

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