Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kiwi's phones siezed and data downloaded by UK officials! Maybe 'tit for tat' time!

If it is good enough for UK authorities to be able to 'seize and search' the data base in phones carried by New Zealand visitors to the UK, then surely we should do the same to Brits entering New Zealand. Imagine the pompous outcries for the  'Barmy Army' that comes to NZ from the UK each time a UK sports team challenges us. I can just hear the indignant outrage from our pommie cousins if their phones were 'examined' at the border.
It is time that New Zealand realized that our so-called special relationship with the UK is a thing of the past. Such special treatment has been gradually eroded since the UK entered the Common Market way back in the 70's. Since then, despite out misinformed siding with then UK over the Falklands fiasco and other 'theatres' of war, NZ had been treated no differently from other nations. If anything the trend has strengthened since the UK became tied to Europe via the Euro Parliament.
Will the UK then turn to it's former friends, like Canada, Australia and of course NZ? I doubt it somehow.
The UK has a huge problem at its borders; no one doubts that. Strengthening border controls is part of the response to global terrorist threats and any moves that the UK takes to counter that threat is understandable. But please former master and place of residence for our 'Head of State,' Her Royal most Highness,' remember our history. That your former colonial puppets now try to enter your 'home,' along with the threats that some of them pose,  that should not equate to treating NZers like potential criminals. God knows what you will do with Australians!
My deep sense of outrage does not mean that we want to see less UK resident coming to NZ. You are still welcome. Come and live with us if you wish. We need your skills and your sense of humour to balance the 'small mindedness' that some of my compatriots display.
Of course the best way for Kiwis to respond to their phones being seized it to make sure that  the phones contain messages of loyalty to the 'Crown' and heaps of conversations about the 'Royal Baby. That will bore the tit's off the officials and the phones will be quickly returned!


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