Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anglican Church shows its true colours re the refusual to allow a 'gay wedding' in St Matthews.

Anglicans have apparently joined other churches and turned their back on a significant proportion of their 'followers' by the latest move to forbid a gay marriage to be 'celebrated' in St Matthews. This church was one in which gays felt welcome. Perhaps the move by their vicar to the Presbyterian Church in Remuera was too much for this 'ancient' institution and that deep down the 'Church of England' is nothing more than being Catholics in Drag.
Of course the Anglicans are no different to most churches. Very few allow such services re the gay community, so why should we expect them to be any different. Well, we do. In latter years, along with Methodists, the Anglicans have promulgated many aspects of social change and were beginning to represent some connectedness to their communities. All that is at risk, just as the numbers attending dwindle.
Does that equate to the 'newer and more fundamentalist churches offering hope? Hell no. If anything those places of worship  represent an even more 'closed door policy' to anything that resembles real social change.  No wonder, religion in any of its 'faces' is increasingly diminishing in NZ as an irrelevant force. Are there any beacons of hope out there?  Take a close look at yourselves, Anglicans and maybe you will attract your former parishioners back into your 'caring fold.'

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