Monday, January 27, 2014

Tunisia---you have a chance to be the 'shining light' in the Arab Spring!

We have seen chaos in all of the countries that have had 'revolutions' or struggles to rid themselves of despotic leaders, since the 'Arab Spring' began a few years ago. The streets of Cairo, Damascus and other Middle eastern cities have witnessed violent opposition to the new rulers as the 'people' realize that little has changed; one corrupt Government  simply replaced by another that represses or ignores the wishes of those who believed that a new 'order' was about to bring relief from decades of inequality and shattered dreams.
Tunisia today passed into law a constitution that at least on paper promises equality between the sexes and the seeds of a democratic future. What is good is that the passing of the law that gives birth to the new constitution was ushered in by 'consensus,' something much lacking for Tunisia's neighbours.
If Tunisia achieves a peace and an acceptance of the new constitution, without the need for guns on the streets or bombs outside mosques and markets, then they will have truly achieved something special; something that we take for granted in New Zealand and something that must be zealously guarded. Tunisia---be strong and hold on to the spirit that guides the will of 'all the people.'
The world holds its collective breath as it seeks a sign that corruption of spirit is not the norm. You have a difficult road ahead, but travel it you must. Variance from the path you have chosen does not bare thinking about--we have seen enough of the alternative, in many regions of the world. Go well!

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