Monday, January 27, 2014

Reasons why Australia needs to treat Kiwis better!

1)      Aussie needs us to buy their 'goods' once China goes belly-up.
2)      If anyone can reverse their stupid Government's decision not to support Holden, it is us,        because we love Holdens.
3)      Who would pretend to laugh at their 'sheep' jokes?
4)      Would any other nation  understand them when they speak?
5)      What other nation has their back when the 'chips are down and we become 'one?'
6)      Who will teach them how to win back the America's Cup?
7)      When they get sick of Tony Abbot, who else will let him visit, without any conditions?
8)      Who will drive their trucks trains busses and God knows what else?
9)      What other country will help them win so many medals at the Olympics, simply by giving them serious competition when they really need it?
10)    What other country will be their 'bolt-hole' when climate change finally makes most of Australia unliveable?

Yes, your Kiwi cousins have much love for you, but that has to be a two-way process. Now---people---add to my list and keep it going. Share the love!

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