Monday, January 27, 2014

Lorde---you really are 100% NZ pure---2 Grammys!

New Zealand is so proud of the girl from the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. Please try to stay the wonderfully down-to-earth, fresh-thinking young woman whom we all love. No doubt Universal  will get the utmost from you before you break away and form your own label. Learn while you can and have the very best of legal support you can afford. Everyone is going to want their 'pound of flesh.' You have a strong, loving family and lots of fans who want to be there for you. Don't forget them.
I doubt we will see you 'twerking' or shaking your butt like a certain other 'young lady; nor will you be chucking eggs at your neighbours like the spoilt brat from Canada. Of course, Australia will try to claim you as their own, but somehow I suspect that your 'Kiwiness' runs far too deep within that 'soul' to ever let that stick. May you and your fantastic co-writer continue to work together and produce many more memorable songs. You are already a Kiwi icon!

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