Monday, January 27, 2014

The dumb arse Mayor of Sochi say, 'we don't have any gays in Sochi.'

Even Putin is making a cynical attempt to paper over his position re gays in Russia by saying that 'all are welcome to the Sochi.' Even he knows that there are many gay people in his country but  it seems that the mayor of Sochi is totally out of touch or just plain dammed ignorant. That he claims there are no gays in his city is beyond belief, unless he has been conducting some sort of clandestine policy to reject gays from his city. The world is watching; at least the part of the world that wants an inclusiveness that values all people. Unfortunately, many parts of the world especially Africa do not enjoy such openness. Russia should be shamed for its draconian attitude; one that is led from the 'top.' God forbid what will happen after the 'games.' I guess it's back in  the closet for at least 10% of Russia population. Maybe other countries will benefit from them leaving Mother Russia and for its gay citizens travelling to places where their skills will be valued. As for that stupid mayor--I suppose he will join Putin's inner circle of cronies, sucking Russia dry and bringing back the worst of the old regime.

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