Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Telecom's relentless determination to dump on it's workforce!

One of the nastiest aspects of the so-called ‘free market’ economy is its propensity to screw the workers who have contributed so much to company profits. Many of our top companies espouse policies that claim to value and support their ‘people resources.’ All of that has amounted to nothing if we are to believe that Telecoms latest moves to dump more than 1000 skilled workers is nothing more than a slap in the face to any claim that such companies care about their workers. These firms have ‘team-building days’ and they feed their workers nothing more than lies about ‘bright futures’ if only they support the culture of the said firms.

Telecoms actions are tantamount to lies and serious misleading of their employees, all in the name of massive profits and huge salaries for the directors and shareholders. Not only are the workers left high and dry, but New Zealand as a country risks losing many of these skilled people, because bills do not go away and the need to seek new employment will drive them overseas. We will be left with a sizable skills-gap and once again we will be searching for qualified replacements just as we observe our economy beginning to ramp up.

Why Telecom, just at a time when people were actually starting to believe that things were changing? Your timing and your rationale are all wrong. You don’t give a stuff about New Zealand other than a place to extort profits. Do not be surprised when New Zealanders take umbrage at your latest actions and find new ‘providers.’

Gone are the days when firms had a social conscience. A once proud company has stooped to new lows and they in the end will be the loser.

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