Wednesday, March 20, 2013

John Banks---what a plonker!

Yesterday John Banks (minister outside of Cabinet bad only there because John Key ‘needs him to prop up this Government) waxed lyrical about the failings of David Shearer and the latter’s failing to divulge an overseas bank account to Parliament. Banks demanded that Mr Shearer step down for his position for this quite tiny act. To Mr Shearer’s credit, he quickly made amends and made what could have been an embarrassment go ‘away.’ Thus David Shearer probably did not cop too much flak.

Now tonight we hear that John Banks was a holder of shares or at least had strong links to the company that has caused so much stress to teachers and other staff in schools who have still not seen the end of this stupid debacle.

Now is the time for David Shearer to show his true mettle, and let others do the ‘damaged.’ Mr Banks---your actions speak volumes about how low you are prepared to go, but your actions reflect just who you really are----a political nobody who has reached far above your ability and moral stature. Maybe it is time for you to bow out, just like your disaster prone former leader, Rodney Hide.

My Key---you must be rueing the day you got into the same political bed as dear Banksie!

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