Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Zealand does it again---now your milk will taste better!

Good on you, Fonterra, the New Zealand company that is fast becoming the biggest dairy producer in the world. Their latest offering is a high tech triple layer plastic bottle that will keep milk fresher and better tasting for longer. This is cutting edge technology, something that New Zealand is very good at. This time it will benefit all milk lovers and no doubt the technology will have flow-on effects to other products.
Baristas say that the milk is easier to ‘stretch’ and that it tastes better in the coffee too. I can’t wait to have my coffee with this new product. Keep a look out for the new milk containers. Mmmm--- I wonder of we can use them at home once the milk has been consumed to store other products.
Fonterra say that the cost of the bottle is more but that it won’t make milk cost more. Yeah right---it costs more than Coca-Cola as it is!

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