Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UK readers---you are closing in on Russia

It seems that my readers in the UK have almost caught up with those from Russia. That is because Russia has completely dropped off the scene. Hell, I haven’t been giving Russia too much flak lately; that is no more than other countries. Maybe I should write some blogs that are specifically about Russia----the music, art, incredibly diverse geography just to start, instead of the political machinations. Then again, I can’t help it---Russia is so bloody ‘interesting.’ Mother Russia; particularly a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, is most definitely on my ‘bucket list.’ Just think about it---if five million Russians brought my books I would be swimming in ‘largesse.’ Hey, if every library in Russia brought my books I would be able to achieve my dream. So (not just the UK and Russia) ---go to my website and buy my books. I have reduced the prices.

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