Thursday, March 21, 2013

Telecom's woes, and 'others.'

Like all companies, Telecom faces stiff opposition and it is always looking at ways to become more competitive. Unfortunately this means that is looks at ways of cutting its cost all in the name of ‘efficiency.’
This means that it has (like others) ‘contracted out’ and the core staff numbers slowly (but soon, dramatically) fall. We all know that call centres are not based in New Zealand and we can tell stories of operators that we find hard to understand. Of course we tend to remember the more unfortunate interactions rather than the huge numbers that are just fine.
With this ‘sinking lid policy,’ it must be emotionally stressful for those employees remaining as the core group within such companies. They must be continually looking over their shoulders, wondering when and on whom the axe will next fall.
What does this do for corporate morale? I hate to think of the stress that this puts employees under. The world and in Telecom’s case, must be worse off for this slow ‘death march.’ This tendency has been apparent for many years in a large number of companies. Is it any wonder that this lack of meaningful job security is starting to take its toll on society? We shall witness much more of this steady process and the consequences for communities and nations do not give me confidence for the future.

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