Friday, March 22, 2013

I checked out the Ascot Mercy Hospital in Greenlane today.

My surgery date is April the 4th at the Ascot Mercy Hospital in Greenlane. I visited the hospital today because I had to take in my form and to make the arrangements to pay. The hospital is just off the Southern motorway, so access is really easy, as is parking.

I approached the friendly lady at reception and was directed to the admission part. One advantage of a smaller private hospital (yes, I had to go private as the free State system doesn’t do bariatric surgery for people over 50) is that it everything is smaller and less rushed in the way you are treated. Hell, I should think so, because the process is going to cost me NZ$17,100, minus a contribution from my medical insurance policy. I am most pleased that I didn’t cancel it last year when I was looking at ways to trim my budget, but now that I have to trim my body, I am pleased with my decision.

I sorted out my pre-admission and trotted on off to the bank to make sure all was well re the loan. Now all I have to do is pick up a bank cheque next week to take with me on my ‘date with destiny.’

Of course, I have to get through 12 more days of Optifast, but I know I can do it now. Tomorrow I shall take Perdy with me to Hamilton to have lunch with my brother. Yes, we will have a nice cook-up----steak, oven chips, grilled eggplant and spinach cooked with Zucchini and spices. Don’t get excited. I can only have the later dish along with yet another Optifast bar. I shall watch my brother and sister tucking into the steak and wedges, along with the wine.

No, it doesn’t get to me at all. Hell, last night I watched 2 hours of the Food Channel, so if I can do that without sticking my head in the fridge, then I can achieve anything. Cooking for others has really helped me get through this.


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