Saturday, April 14, 2012


For those readers outside of NZ and Aussie, you will possibly be a little confounded by my title. Let’s put you straight even though I am risking the special Trans-Tasman relationship. I am of course talking about the more than eighty years in which Australia has banned the import of our superior NZ apples.
The stigmata goes back a long way--- there was once a possible issue about NZ apples having some sort bug that could  potentially affect Aussie apples. Over the years NZ has done much to alleviate these unfounded fears. We have used our scientists to try using fact and research--- all to no avail.
Aussie apple growers, especially the Tasmanian ones have trotted out spurious counter-fact and succeeded in banning our apples.
NZ finally took the Australians to an international court and naturally, NZ won and the ban was reluctantly lifted. Did that shut the farmers up? ---- Of course not. Can you ever think of a time when Australians happily bowed down to anything Kiwi? Let’s face it--- when it looks like NZ is about to drop one on the Aussies, they have been known to send a low-ball at us.
What is so sad is that by denying entry to NZ apples, the Aussies have had to settle for a less than satisfying home-grown product. They are really frightened that the plethora of choice and the sheer tastiness of NZ apples is the bigger threat by far--- not some imaginary bug.
When NZ apples are freely available in Aussie, watch this space.  We are going to hear their rapturous cries of delight as the juices drip down their happy faces, from this side of the ditch. We will be most satisfied to supply an ever increasing tonnage of our very best, even if it means that we have less for ourselves. Don’t worry--- we are not a selfish people here in NZ; we are delighted to share this long withheld secret to our coussies--- hey what’s family for?

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