Saturday, April 14, 2012

Manuka first and now Kanuka--aint that sweet!

No doubt many of you have heard of the medical benefits of NZ Manuka honey. Research has shown this wonderful natural product to be useful in the treatment of many conditions; some claiming that it is even effective for treating skin cancer. I believe that it has been also used in New Zealand hospitals for treating bed sores amongst other uses.
Of course we are not talking about the ordinary shop brought stuff here; it is the higher numbered Hort.-Research number you are looking for--- the higher the better---like over 20. Be careful though, as there are some charlatans out there claiming that their honey has these benefits, but the product is not from NZ.
Now we have another honey receiving plaudits for its healing qualities-----Kanuka honey, sourced mainly from the Bay Of Plenty region. Professor Shaun Holt is about to embark on some major research to back up his claims about Kanuka honey.  He says that Kanuka honey has similar qualities to Manuka honey but at the higher end in its effectiveness. It is used for treating skin conditions and also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and it helps to kill bacteria.
He warns that people should only apply medical-grade honey to their skin, or they risk ‘a nasty reaction.’ So he is not advocating going to your local supermarket and buying Manuka or Kanuka honey and then applying it to the skin. Those honeys are for your toast. Get your medical-grade honey from your pharmacist.
New Zealand stands to gain from the continuing research and the sales of the ever increasing number of honey products—all natural; and thus appealing to the huge overseas market, just waiting to be tapped. It is a win-win situation. We gain and the world gets a natural product, capable of healing a wide range of conditions.
‘I’m still gonna have it on my toast, even if it is a bit expensive.

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