Saturday, April 14, 2012

Are some US companies finally seeing the light---re gun laws?

Dare I hope that the ‘murder' of Trayvon Martin may not have been in vain? Dare I hope that more Americans will wake up each day and question the widely held belief that gun ownership is sacrosanct? Would it be possible that some large companies see themselves taking a different stance on the ‘holy grail' of gun ownership?
Of course I am being cynical in making that last statement---it can only be about perceptions; namely that by discontinuing their support for the NRL, they are more concerned about future profits rather than taking a truly genuine position that ‘guns are bad,’ especially under the current laws.
It is looking like the ramifications of the death of Trayvon have reached the boardrooms of American business. That it has taken so long, after numerous examples of singular and mass killings, is sad in itself. For years there has been a groundswell of opinion against changing the gun laws. The inner sanctums of a vast array of organizations; comprising business, governmental and interest groups have long held out against any real change.
They quote their constitutional rights, while the killing continues. If it is true that businesses like Kraft, Coca-Cola, Mars, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Intuit, have all dropped their membership of the American Legislative Exchange Council, then dare we hope that the tide is finally turning?
Don’t pack up your placards just yet, because the opposition to changing the gun laws is entrenched   throughout American society. Any real movement will need to gather the support of the majority of politicians, both at state and federal level. It will take brave men and women, strongly supported by their electorates to challenge what has been taken as a God given right for centuries. The world is watching.

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