Sunday, April 15, 2012

Phill will be pleased that Perdy helped me today--well sort of until---

A few days ago, one of Phil Goff’s office staff--- (I think that’s who it was— maybe at electorate level), dropped off some letters for me to deliver along with the map to show which street I should cover. It has been ages since I did anything like that for any political party.  I saw it as a public duty, because Phil was inviting people to contact him when he is next on the ground in his local electorate. One thing about Phil is--- he is very available to listen to the concerns of his constituents--- even when he was Leader of the Opposition.
I took the opportunity to take Perdy for a walk, innocently thinking that if I was accosted by anyone for sticking unwanted ‘circulars’ in their (labelled---no un posted material’)--- letterboxes, that she would diffuse any anger---- Silly me.
It’s bloody hard carrying a few hundred circulars in one hand and an energetic Jack Russell (Phil’s got one too, so he will understand) doing her best to run up each drive pulling on her lead in the other hand. That plan lasted one hilly street. She also had another trick up her hairy sleeve.
Just when I had placed a circular in a real flash house (obviously not a Labour voter) Perdy decided to crap on a large flowering plant by the also flash letterbox. To compound matters, the lovely lady decided to ‘collect her mail at that time. I was mortified as I glanced sideways at the streaming plop of poo, strategically placed just where the lady would see it (and smell it). What to do, I thought.
Sorry Phil, I had to use one of the circulars to bend down and pick up the poo while I expressed my most sincere apologies. Luckily Perdy’s wonderful nature came to the fore; she tilted her head in her endearing you should love me look, totally winning the lady over. She didn’t even collect her, mail; so enchanted was she by Perdy.
I scurried down the road and ran out of circulars, with 3 houses to go. I turned and trooped back up the steep hill (I hope you are feeling sorry for me Phil) and plomped myself down in the car seat and turned the air-conditioning on full.
Hey Perdy--- you’re goin g home and I’m finishing this myself---OK?
I felt a bit sorry for her, so we went off down to the bay that Phil has been fighting to clear up—I am very pleased about that. She had a quick run around after the ball and I dropped her home and went to finish the hilly bits of my run. All I have to do now is the long main road and I shall do that tonight.
Just as an afterthought I think I shall give you an inversion of a recipe I put up about my Feijoa crumble the other day.

 It’s easy---do everything upside down. Put the crumbled (but add extra butter--- if you are worried about your weight, help me deliver Phil’s circulars).
Press the butter enhanced crumble firmly in to a baking paper lined dish--- you can press some up the edges if you like too. Now, pout in the Feijoa mix, but make sure it is thicker than you used for the other recipe--- maybe thicken it or cook it longer until it naturally thickens. I’m sure you know how to do that--- you’re not thick.
Bake the upside-down crumble and make sure you don’t burn it. Take it out of the oven and have it hot or cold. It holds together better when it is cold. --- Yummy.

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