Friday, April 18, 2014

The 'Bay' gives back---mushrooms for a late lunch.

It rained, the sun shone and Perdy didn't give a stuff. She had lost one of her orange balls during our morning walk--yes the Bay claimed yet another ball. Oh well, it seems that the God of the Bay felt sorry for me so she led me to a little treasure trove of fresh mushrooms. Mother nature had sent gentle rain overnight, bringing about 8 beautiful little mushrooms, right by the fence near the road---just waiting for me to stumble across them. Perdy had led me there---maybe she too felt a bit guilty, having dropped her ball---God knows where, but there they were sinning in the sun, waiting my discovery. Good things happen to those who are patient and mine was rewarded with a lunch of mushrooms cooked with the chilli nuts I had made earlier in the day. Yes the Bay provides in more ways then one: friendship, companionship[ and the occasional  wonderful surprise.
Yummy mushrooms down at the Bay.

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