Saturday, April 19, 2014

This one's for China. The country that is starting tn overtake my other readers. Great!

Why am I pleasantly surprised that China is the country that is starting to read my blogs at a rate that is fast approaching 'light speed.' Think about it for a moment. There are probably more English speakers now in China than there are in the UK and one hell of a lot more than in my own country of 4.4 million people. So----I am assuming that many of these  English speaking 'friends' are reading English language books,  both for enjoyment and to further improve their English. I just hope that my particular version doesn't get them into trouble because of my Kiwi English. I better be careful that I do not use language that is too colloquial.
OK, my Chinese blog readers; I am about to relaunch one of my books (ROSKILL) on Amazon. It will be available as hard copy and as a download. I believe that my 'producer' is making available free as a download form to those who buy the hard copy on Amazon. I think the price is about $US15 for the hard copy version. Roskill is a story about a problem we face in New Zealand re dangerous drug---we call it 'P.' You possibly know it as Methamphetamine. Unfortunately, some of the 'precursors' needed for 'cooking (manufacturing) the drug are smuggled in illegally form China. The New Zealand police, border control and other agencies are working closely with the Chinese authorities to try to stop this terrible trade. The drug destroys families and businesses. Lives are damaged and it is very difficult to break away from this drug. I guess China knows only too well about what happens when a drug is introduced to society and the terrible costs. One only needs to look back into history and the 'Opium Wars,' when Britain caused terrible harm to Chinese society in the 19th Century. My book, ROSKILL, tells the story of a family and how it is nearly destroyed when the father starts taking 'P.' It is a book that all teenagers should read and parents too, because how often have you told your children to behave in a certain manner, but do not do so yourself, as parents? It is a book that tells of a problem that can be found in any country, city or town, around the world. IT is a story that will resonate with all countries; telling of the pain that unites us all as inhabitants of the world community.
Look out for the launch in my website, my Chinese readers (and others). I have invested much in the way of resources to make sure that ROSKILL is a quality product. I have employed book designers, editor, proof-readers and digital producers to make sure ROSKILL is as good as I can get it. It is now over to you to decide whether this has all been worth while. Go to my website and check out a free sample. Then---once it is live and ready to purchase (should be available from late April) or download, buy your copy. I would really appreciate your feedback. Please share this blog on your social media circle and with your friends.
Kind regards,
Neil Coleman. (Writer of uniquely New Zealand stories.)

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