Friday, April 18, 2014

Japan swicthes illegal whale hunt to the Pacific Ocean---surprised?

It seems that those celebrating the important victory re Japan hunting whales in the Antarctic were way to premature in their belief that the 'hunting' had stopped.Why are we surprised that we hear today that the Japanese are simply switching to the Pacific. The so-called 'scientific' researching excuse is just that or worse---a lie. The Japanese possibly lost face when the international court ruled against their previous hunting expeditions, so here we go again and expect the same response from the international community. Japan need s to be isolated in its endeavours to continue this barbaric practice. They do not need to catch whales for food. They are a rich nations and they have many alternatives to whale meat. Indeed the young, in Japan, predominantly support the ban on hunting whales. It is time Japan took note of world opinion, because if they don't, they should expect further action from protests groups, governments, including Australia and New Zealand. They will of course try to bully those nations that dare to raise the issue again in the courts, but this time but they need to know that opposition to their illegal pursuit will grow. Shame on this proud or should I say---stubborn nation!

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