Friday, April 18, 2014

Make your own chilli flakes.

if  you shop around in Auckland at the present, I am sure you will come across very cheep fresh red (or green) chilli's. The markets are best for that I think. Now, take the next step and make your own wonderful chilli flakes or powder.
I cut them length ways and placed them on a wide tray in the fan oven at  about 70C. The secret is to leave the oven door slightly open. It takes about 4 hours. Stir them a bit throughout process. Cool them and then put them into your food processor with the baled cutter. I used a very cheap machine that I brought from the Warehouse for about $20. Process them using a combination of pulse and higher speed. If you want them fine, just process longer. Make sure they are totally dry before putting them into containers. Wow---the smell is just downright wonderful. Enjoy. Now- I wonder if I can do the same for red peppers and make my version of Paprika!

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