Friday, April 25, 2014

Putin is lacking, in his reactions to the Ukraine crisis.

One wonders at the psyche of Putin. His sense of grievance to the 'West' is now seriously affecting the Russian economy. The Rouble is lower (Down by 8% this year) and interest rates are going up whilst he plays some sort of larger than life boys game of 'brinkmanship' with the EU and the USA. His approach screams of the old polices of the Soviet Union, a time in history that does not fit well in this new century. Listening to the Russian spokespersons on TV takes me back to the bad old days in the UN when one of their famous leaders thumped the desk. Mr Putin, do you not see that the only real loser in this situation are your beloved Russian people as your economy nose-dives? Is it worth it? You threaten to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine and the EU. Do you not understand that in the long term you are doing them a favour? The vast scientific and economic resources will finally deliver policies that lead the EU towards a place where they do not depend on Russia or the Middle East for energy supplies. They will seek alternative sources and even though that will take time, the end result will be that you no longer hold the trump card you think you possess now.
Of course there may be a more sinister plan: As you gradually whittle away the freedoms of Russians (I note your latest rantings re Google and asking Russians not to use this 'CIA sponsored world control mechanism!') and prepare to take your nation back to the iron-fisted policies of your predecessors, you are of course cementing in the power you already hold.
Ordinary Russians, especially the older ones, remember the 'bad old times,' but in their minds, the certainty that a 'strong (bullying) leader and the promise of jobs, health care, age care, all tend to equip them with a tolerance of such a leadership style. Russia has never known 'democracy' and all that that represents in their history, apart from a brief period after the fall of the old Communist Party. I am not saying that democracy in its Western form is without faults, but the increasingly obvious plans you have for Russia point to a very tense time in  the future, both for Russia and the world. It seems that you are prepared to head for this chasm, caring little for your people or those around the world who will suffer with you as you leap into the 'unknown.' Ordinary Russians are fast losing their 'voice.' Indeed it is only a very short time, before they will not be able to read blogs like mine or communicate on FB. Luckily the resilience and spirit of the Russian people will win through in the end. 

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