Friday, April 25, 2014

China starts to exert its historical role in the region. Is that so bad?

For decades now, the USA has acted as the 'World Police.' under the guise of 'defending democracy'. I think most of us equate that to meaning 'looking after America's interests,' or to fine tune that a little more, the interests of the few at the top of the feeding chain in then world. Allied to the aspirations of the USA are those of the world's elite, nothing more or less. The links between big business and the oligarchs of Russia and even the newly rich companies in China are well and truly a fact. The games they play out as struggles between nations are nothing more than a ruse--to keep those in  power above and beyond then law. It is the ordinary people in all nations who suffer while the 'big boys' play their games. The latter benefit from 'small regional wars;' and any boiling over into a world-wide conflagration is out of the question, because that and only that would affect the bottom line-- that of hurting the pockets of those at the top. That is the way of the world as it always has been.

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