Friday, April 25, 2014

Russians have given up on reading my blogs---really---or blocked!

The past month as seen no Russians reading my blogs. Am KI surprised? NO! I have been quite hard  re my ideas about him and how I see Putin's role in the Ukrainian crisis and about his increasingly anti-democratic moves plus his trying to close down all criticism of him within Russia. I have also said on several occasions that the present government in Ukraine is not representative of Ukraine as a whole. At best they are an 'interim' Government and the West must keep that position to the fore before committing recourses, military and economic, to that Government. I accept that Russia has historical sensitivity re the 'border' regions of Russia, but I do not accept Putin's response to the problem.
He regularly accuses the USA for its role in world affairs and how the latter acts on its own, often in  he face of world opinion. He is correct to stand against that action but he is doing exactly the same, with the added action of repressing his own people when they take umbrage at his governance. Putin is an enigma in some ways. Without a doubt he appeals to many Russians. Perhaps he links into that desire Russians are assumed to have about having an need for 'strong leadership.' That is part of their history and so is the 'state apparatus' that responds to  any moves against the ruling regime. Russian Governments are not 'relaxed about taking criticism, from abroad or within the nation.
My blogs are not anti-Russian, but they are asking the question about the direction Russia is being taken by their 'colourful leader.' Still, he has a way to go before he reaches the status of the 'Dear Leader' from The 'Democratic' Republic of North Korea. At least we do not laugh when we hear Putin's name.
I would love to see Russians reading my blogs and books again. I mean----I am not related to Google!

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