Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chilli sauce---sweet or sour---over to you.

Chillies are really cheap at the moment in NZ, especially in the northern regions. When my sister brought me two big bags of them---what to do. Well, I settled on tow methods, one my own and the other, via my friend Doug, with a little twist, as I am known to do!
I cut up  half of them and died hem in the fan oven at bout 70C for a few hours, then blitzed them in my kitchen thingy.
For the others I just cut, left the seeds in and added some salt (up to you how much), white vinegar, a little sugar and olive oil. I blitzed them too and ---chilli sauce that I keep in the fridge. I used medium sized chillies so they were not too hot.  Yummy----go do!  Such fun. Now just add both versions to your favourite dishes.

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