Sunday, March 2, 2014

Russia, China, USA, EU and anyone else who wants to join a 'grand coalition' against terrorism---

If there was ever a time, whereby the world's major power groupings needed to find a common cause, then it is now---a 'grand coalition' against the widespread use of violence against peaceful communities. It seems that no country is immune to the cowardly attacks on civilians. Of course it has always been so in history. Any group that has a grievance, imagined or real, that is not capable of meeting the 'oppressing' force on  the battlefield in a conventional way, resorts to methods that rely on terror and ones that employ methods where the 'freedom fighters' can hide amongst the civilian population.
Events over the last few years and the one we have just witnessed in China spring to mind. Such events do not exists without a 'stimulus,' be it denial of self determination, political disenfranchisement or other 'causes,' the results are disturbingly similar---the loss of innocent lives.
The UN has basically failed in its stated aims of promulgating the expression of nationhood, because the main power players have the right of 'veto,' over the wishes of these groups. Therefore, they seek methods that most of us abhor, and the carnage continues on the streets, railway stations and other public places on all of the continents.
In some cases the very same countries that once had 'revolutions' in order to arise as nation states, have themselves become targets of minorities or 'subject peoples within those modern nations.
BUT---n there are clear cases where no amount of compromise will satisfy the proponents of these violent attacks and we see the results on our TV and computer screens every night.
Instead of uniting to fight this scourge,  the main players twist and divide their policies in order to attain some sort of temporary 'bragging rights,' but on a much larger scale than the schoolyard variety. It is called international power playing and the result is that 'terrorism' continues, fed by the inaction and fractious selfish gaming, sometimes fed by corrupt politicians, who gain from the continued disorder. Ask yourself, who is gaining from the current fiasco in Ukraine and the Crimea. Call it what you wish, but dig deeper, beyond the purported nationalistic aspirations of the inhabitants of the region. It is others who gain and as usual the ordinary people who will suffer.
Surely the power that the main powers could muster, along with real cooperation, devoid of nationalistic and paternalistic power grabbing---oops I should stop, because that is what feeds terrorism, and the very idea of a 'united front,' both to address the causes of terrorism and to fight it when needed will not be addressed as long as we have a UN that is nothing more than a collection of 'those who 'have and those who will never be listened to.'

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