Sunday, March 2, 2014

Australian 'call centres' moving to New Zealand---thanks mate---but

Sometimes when the phone goes around six at night, I cringe, assuming that it is yet another call form one of several sources:  It is either a scam, whereby there is a pause followed by a very badly accented vice imploring me to check out something to do with my computer or maybe some other obviously spurious cause. They are quite easy to sort out from the ‘real thing,’ and depending on my mood, I will go along with their crap for a while before they realize that I am on to them and hang up (Sometimes they have even sworn at me---but at least I have taken their time from other people who would be more than bothered by the calls)
Another source is the endless parade of callers from within NZ that are trying to get me to sign up for some sort of ‘Government subsidized energy saving service, like insulation or heat pumps, even solar water---all of which I can proudly say I already have. They don’t waste their time and politely wish me a good day. But----I would love ‘them’ to put me on some damn list so that they don’t interrupt my dinner time.
The other types of calls are the ones that I find most difficult; the ones wanting a donation for what are very worthy causes, but the old dollar can only go so far. This year alone, I have given to at least four ‘causes.’ I find it very hard to put them off, and my bank balance is the loser for it. Still, I guess I just have to work out a system where they send me something in the mail and I can sort through them and decide at a later date. (Is that another way of just--- not giving?) On-the-spot pressure is something that they probably rely on!
I see that quite a few ‘call centres’ are moving from Australia or from places further afield---to NZ---because we have an accent similar to that of the Aussies or because we are seen as a cheaper option than Australia itself. We are somewhere in the middle of the range re costs. That we speak very good English (stop laughing Aussie cousins!) is also a factor for those calls aimed at NZ and Australia. I am not that comfortable with NZ being seen as a ‘low wage’ economy, but that is obviously a factor; one that Mr Key is quite happy with. Where did all his talk about making NZ a high wage, ‘skilled’ work force. Funny how such platitudes go out the window! What’s next---moving Holden and Ford to NZ? That would be quite nice! Or maybe the Chinese will move some of their manufacturing base here, as their wages start to become more in line with developed nations. Strange times we live in, or is it just---‘progress?’
As for those ‘call centres,’ bring them on---but to the smaller secondary cities and towns of NZ. They could do with a bit of a ‘shove up.’

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