Sunday, March 2, 2014

China battles with the 'cost of success.'

Without doubt, China has made huge gains over the last few decades. Once the leadership of the Communist Party took a more pragmatic view of economics, the pace has not slackened. China as a producer for the world is unmatched and as the quality of the goods improves, there will more spectacular gains. It goes without saying that it will not be long before we see large numbers of Chinese manufactured cars on our roads, both those made for the lager foreign manufacturers like Toyota but also those newly emerging Chinese models, like the Cherry.
There is a price for this massive expansion of Chinese production and it can be seen in the form of incredibly unhealthy pollution statistics. On any given day, in Beijing, the air quality is outright dangerous to those breathing it. Masks will do little to protect the wearers.
For a while, during the Olympics we saw what can happen when the majority of the polluting factories closed, but that is not the answer. The Chinese Government knows there is a problem and along with the growing green movement in China, I doubt that the issue will be ‘side-lined.’
China is making gains re solar and alternative energy solutions. It is now the largest manufacturer of solar panels, making them a viable option for countries outside China. Add in wind turbines and we will start to see a lessening of the pollution that not only affects China, but those countries nearby. China gains and so do we. The price of progress must be balanced by an enlightened attitude; one that we are starting to see.

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