Sunday, March 2, 2014

I must have a big mouth---well--- there are now more than 1700 blogs on my site---go read!

It has been more than three years since I got bitten by the ‘blog fly.’ I suspect I caught it at the Manukau Heads, on that auspicious day that I decided to start writing. At that stage, it was a book and that happened but I have yet to publish the results of that decision (Sons of Orpheus). Instead, there have been three other books; first COASTAL YARNS, then ROSKILL and the last book, TALK TO ME. The last two are either on Kindle, or will be very soon, available from my about to be re- launched website---
I would very much appreciate you downloading them on your Kindle or your reading AP, which is also available through my website. Please pass on or SHARE the link and above all, if you read any of my books, please do a review. That is what feeds the attention of Amazon and increases my ‘visibility.’
Back to the blogs: I got quite a shock today to notice that I have written more than 1700 blogs. It is interesting to see how they have changes and to see the links that many of them have. I know that my digital advisor is sorting them out into themes so that they resemble ‘books’ within themselves. I cover many topics, ranging from food, my bariatric surgery journey and the fight I have had with my food obsessions (There, I have ad mitted it!)
I love to write about the topical issues of the day, including politics. Yes, I am comfortably in the mildly left of centre, but do not restrict myself to that position. If anyone comes up with a good idea, one that I like, I will give it credit, no matter where on the ‘spectrum’ that ‘voice’ places them. I will not be a party hack, even though I am likely to ‘help out with the phones,’ for the Labour Party. I fully expect to get the boot from that position, if a Labour politician does something stupid or announces policy that I do not agree with. My loyalty has always been in question, with ‘any’ party.
I also like to poke fun at people who put themselves in a public position and then make fools of themselves. Any political figure or world leader is and can be a target. I expect the same in return.
I write blogs to sharpen my writing skills and yes, there are heaps of mistakes and typos. I write fast and tend not to see the mistakes until after I have pushed the ‘publish’ button. Some of those mistakes are---prices!
Thanks you to many thousands of hits on my blog site and website. The figure stands at over 112,000, as of today (3rd March, 2014) I am constantly surprised at the number of countries reading my blogs, sometimes wondering how you found them. Thank you, and may you keep reading them, along of course with my books.

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