Saturday, March 1, 2014

China's r'rising terrorism or is it criminal gangs?---mayhem in Kunming.

China is a huge country and it is obvious that on the scale of that size, 'things will happen at the extreme edge.' One only has to look at the tragedy of the gun lobby in the USA ands the terrible attacks in schools to realize that anything is possible in such large and expanded geographical areas.
There is a difference in China of course. China has embarked on a huge economic growth pathway and a massive increase in its middle class and wealthy sectors. Obviously not all groups are feeling the gains of such changes, including ethnic and religious minorities, particularly those in the far West of the country.
At this point in time, it is not known who is responsible for the carnage at the railways station in Kunming. No doubt the authorities will use it to clamp down on other more rationale opposition to the mammoth State apparatus.
However, there is no justification for this latest attack on innocent people. Of course the State will react to protect the people--and its own position as the one and only 'holder of power in China.'
As yet more change in China becomes apparent, they will join other nations who are beset with opposition groups who would take such violent actions. The harder the State hits back, rather than addressing the causes of extreme fanatical, sometimes 'religious' based grievances, then more violence along the lines we are witnessing on other unfortunate regions will eventuate. Hopefully China will not attract the 'forces' that exists around the world, in opposition to the policies of the USA. They never seem to deviate from the role of 'world policemen.' Maybe the events in Ukraine will allow the Chinese to 'resolve' the issue away from the prying cameras of the media. There are no winners in all of this.

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