Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Sometimes you don't see what is 'just under your nose! Every day I take Perdy for a walk at her favourite place, mainly because she enjoys meeting her friends there. Yes, dogs do have friends; the doggie kind, and people they like. You just have to watch their tails when the afore mentioned meet to understand that.
The round trip to the 'Bay' is about 10kls, meaning that I probably travel an extra 70 kilometres  a week, not an insignificant cost when one is looking at the not too distant future when 'retirement' will mean a curtailment of expenses. (See my older DIJATC--blogs)
Today I took Perdy to the beach that is less than one kilometre away. It even has an off-the-leash area, where I can legally let her loose. We parked the car in the upper car park and I let her out, whereby she bounded down the path to the grass area. She waited impatiently while I caught her up. I can do that  a lot quicker these days! Being 45 kilos lighter makes one hell of a difference to the speed one operates at.
I threw her ball, down the hill sloping towards the beach. She was off in a flash, diverting slightly to chase some cheeky magpies and then let it bounce once before grabbing it between her trusty teeth. We repeated the exercise for a few minutes before heading on down to the actual beach.
The tide was way out, leaving an expanse of slippery /mud/sand. Normally I would have avoided this combination, especially when I was heavier. I hate to think what would have happened if I came a cropper by slipping and twisting something. I very much doubt I would have been popular if someone had to help me back up to the distant car! But now---- no issues at all.
This time we ventured far further than we had in the past. I threw the ball along the mud, but stopped when I realized that there were sharp shells. I did not want Perdy to cut her paws; mind you---she wasn't complaining.
I followed Perdy down to the waters edge. In this part of the Manukau Harbour, the channel is quite close to the shore. Perdy jumped into the water after the ball, faithfully returning the orange orb and asking for more!
On the way back we met a guy heading for the channel with two fishing rods. It had not entered my thoughts to try fishing there, especially at low tide. The guy informed me that he caught good sized Snapper and Kahawai. Mmm--- I just know who is going to accompany me fishing very soon.
Later, back at the car park, I had this cool feeling--why always travel when something this good can be had, oh so close to home. PLUS---with the new ME, it isn't hard to skip on down the path. I almost feel like a kid again.

Come on Dad---throw the ball!
Hahaha---you can't
It's so 'Perdy' eh Dad!
see me!

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