Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The 'season of plenty and promise,' is nigh in New Zealand.

March is nearly upon us in New Zealand and I always feel the abundance and promise of a wonderful ‘harvest,’ of all things good that NZ produces at this time of the year. Sure, apples and other fruit have ben available in their delightful tasty freshness for a few months now, but it is the flush of harvest at this time of the year that delivers so much promise. It seems that everything, from wine to whisky and the crispy offerings from the soil are now in abundance. It times gone by, housewives (that’s how it was then folks) were busily engaged in salting, preserving and later freezing the abundance from the backyard gardens and orchards. That still happens to a degree, hopefully with the help of the ‘partner,’ in whatever form he or she may take, but the source of the sheer profligate produce may be from places other than the urban garden.
Still, one cannot help noticing the displays in our fruit shops and supermarkets as well as the stalls on the roadsides. We should dip our fingers into our pockets or bring out the ‘cards’ and celebrate this incredible time of the year. It is a time that ‘shows up NZ as truly being 100% pure,’ despite the detractions we had in the past year.
May we all enjoy the benefits of living ion this wonderful country. Go forth and sample the delights; be it from a bottle or the gardens.

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