Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's election year---2014. I am going to blog my thoughts! Take this as Part One!

2014 has been called a ‘bloggers heaven,’ particularly if they are observers of politics. It’s is election year in New Zealand and I am going to join the group of people who regularly contribute their ‘unbiased’ thoughts. I admit to favouring the slightly ‘left of centre in NZ,’ and I openly own up to having joined the Labour Party; however if that means that I come in for some stick for criticising party policy or individuals, then I fully expect to earn some rebuke or even to get tossed out of the party. Being in a party has never sat comfortably with me; if that means following the party line, so maybe I have sown the seeds of my own expulsion by admitting to these ‘serious political failings.’
I am not going to sit by and watch stupid games that are so often played by members of all political parties, especially at election time. I am not going to take as the ‘truth,’ utterances from party leaders or minions, just because that is ‘their policy!’
When I hear or read about ‘policy’ that resonates with me I shall say that I like it, be it from Labour, the Greens or anyone else. Where I see stupidity I shall also highlight it. If I find that I have said something that is wrong, re policy or any other comments I have made, I shall say I am wrong or have changed my mind.
New Zealand is at a crossroads as to what we want for our future. We have sold off much of what is valuable re our State Assets. We have gone down a pathway that is driven by economic theory that claims ‘Trickle Down’ as its basis. I believe this to be a misnomer; it should have been called ‘Trickle Up,’ because that is what has happened. A smaller tiny group at the top now owns about 85% of the wealth in NZ. I find this abhorrent. The gap between rich and poor has never been as large, in my lifetime that is.
With the above statement, I think you can see where I am at the moment, and I admit to having that colouring my viewpoint. But, once again, when I listen to some of the statements by some politicians on the Left/Green alliance, I am sometimes not in agreement. Equally, occasionally, I hear and read policy from the National Party that is not totally divergent from my own beliefs. That does not make me a National Party supporter. Let’s face it: much of the legislation passed in parliament, is supported by both major parties!
NZ First also holds true to a few policies that, due to my ‘age’ feel comfortable for me. Hey I want to be able to use my Gold Card in a few years so watch out any political who meddles with the gains that Winston has helped to bring about!
OK, the scene is set. Take this posting as NUMERO UNO!