Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Russia will find an excuse to invade Ukraine!

Russia has put its forces on alert on the pretext that Russians living in the Crimea are in danger and that it must protect its Black Sea Fleet. These are merely excuses for what it has intended for a long time---to reclaim what it once had as part of the Soviet Empire. While it is true that there are a large number of  Russians living in the Eastern part of Ukraine and that they favour stronger ties with Russia and indeed may even wish to return to the Russian fold, that does not excuse a military intervention on the part of the 'back-to-the-past, Russia.' 
Russia is going down a road very similar to what Hitler did when he invaded Poland at the start of WW2, using the pretext that German citizens were endangered. History does repeat and I sincerely hope that the result is not a conflagration that could draw in the armed forces of Europe and the USA. Step back before it is too late, Russia (and the USA need not make inflammatory statements) and enter a dialogue to find out what the Ukrainian people wish, even of that means some sort 'partition.' This is not the time for 'big power bullying, from 'any' source! There must be a peaceful resolution because the alternative is just too terrible!

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