Thursday, February 27, 2014

Qantas takes a quantum leap---downwards, while Air New Zealand flys like a bird without a sting in its tail.

No, I am not being or trying to be ‘funny.’ Qantas is in deep trouble and the loss of 5000 jobs is a devastating blow. This comes on the heal of other bad economic news for Australia as China struggles to regain the momentum re economic growth back to double figures.
New Zealand seems to be more resilient and even though we are heavily dependent on both China and Australia; somehow we are missing the ‘hits’ that the other two nations have received. Maybe it is just that the ‘flow-on’ affect is taking longer to work through our economy, but perhaps it is that the products we sell to the word are those that are most needed, namely food, particularly protein.
We should be looking over our shoulders though as we surge ahead and be prepared for a similar round of cuts to spending or a lessening or our burgeoning exports figures.
What these events signal is the fact that New Zealanders are leaving our shores in smaller numbers for destinations across the ‘ditch,’ and one would have to be thinking dangerously if the expectation of a job and housing will leap out, simply by arriving in the ‘lucky country’ is paramount in their thoughts. Unless you possess skills that are still needed and that pay well, the economic paradise is no more; temporary maybe, but certainly not as apparent as it has been.
This begs the question: are we going to see an influx of Aussie ‘jobseekers,’ along with returning Kiwis? Will we still treat them as equals, allowing them access to the services we enjoy as new Zealanders, after a fairly short qualification period, that is?
I say---NO! Not until Australia reciprocates and returns to a level playing field. Perhaps the PM, whoever that may be over the next few years will draw a line in the sand. That won’t be John Key, if he survives the next electoral round. His opponent, David has made it clear where he stands; hopefully not going the way of some of his predecessors and changing policy once elected.
 In the meantime, my heart goes out those employees at Qantas who have or are about to lose their jobs. I also hope that out Government does not sell of any more of what has clearly become a ‘cash cow’ in terms of State Assets. Perhaps it should be seen as a reason not to sell that which is left of the ‘family silver!’

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