Friday, February 21, 2014

Indoniesia moves to protect the endangered Manta Rays---good on you neighbour!

I was delighted to see an item on AJ news about Indonesia banning the hunting (and selling to the Chinese and others for medicinal purposes) of the much endangered beautiful Manta Rays. They have a huge task ahead of them, because much like any other move by the government of this far flung massive group of islands, it is almost impossible to maintain surveillance. Then of course it is the ability of their navy and other Government departments to muster the number of vessels needed to achieve the result that we all want. They have acknowledged the difficulty of the task and made the transition re 'hunting and selling' to using the same resource to lure tourists who's only weapon is a camera. Yes, there are jobs in this for locals. What Indonesia continues to fight of course is the corruption that would defeat the purpose of this most welcome law change. I hope that Indonesia accepts any help offered by various world bodies, including that from its sometimes bullying southern neighbour, the same one that treats NZ as a 'little brother.' Let's all support Indonesia, especially its neighbours, even the one quite far to the South east---NZ. Kia kaha, Indonesia (be strong)

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