Friday, February 21, 2014

Len Brown and the so-called 'majority' of Aucklanders who want him to go!---wouldn't think so.

Having heard all the hype about a 'huge' march by those opposed to Len Brown, I expected to also hear about massive numbers of people marching up Queen Street to show their displeasure. Well----it did not happen. A few hundred are reported to have 'beat the feet,' and bothered to show their indignation about the antics of our Mayor. If opposition is so deeply felt, then should there not have been many more people out there. NO---I suspect that they are at home, preening themselves to get up and go to see the Proud'  Parade later in the day along Ponsonby Road. Get the perspective, people! Let's move on and get on with making Auckland a better place. OH, I know, there are so many moralistic judgemental and 'never having done a bad thing in their lives' people out there who just will not let this go. Hey, this is Auckland, not Ukraine or Thailand. Are things that bad, and if they are, at least we do have elections; it's more about whether people bother to take part in the democratic process.

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