Friday, February 21, 2014

Chicken soup made from Perdy's dinner! (part one)

Proof that I am feeling so much better tonight, after a nasty virus that saw me lose 3 kilos of weight that I no longer need or want to loose, comes in the form of this chicken soup, made of course in my crockpot. Perhaps not so indicative of my high moral standards is the fact that I am going to use Perdy's  (my Jack Russell) dinner, a large packet of chicken necks, to make the stock. It's OK, I am going to replace them on the way home from her favourite walk at Kakamatua Inlet.
I boiled the jug, threw the chicken necks in with the water and roughly chopped some fresh ginger (heaps of it) and a whole head of garlic. That will simmer all night and while it cools in the morning, I shall take Perdy for her first morning walk, so that she doesn't' crap on my section! (It's double OK, because I always have poo bags in my back pocket.) OMG, I almost needed them for myself over the last few days. OK--- TMI.  Look out for part 2, tomorrow, along with pictures. Food for the soul.

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