Friday, August 2, 2013

You can go for a 'gay' old time to Russia during the Winter Olympics!

Yes, I could hardly believe me ears when I heard a news reports that Russia is 'suspending' it's anti-gay laws during the Winter Olympics, because it wants an air of tolerance. Pleas tell me I am wrong. Oh, it's true, you say. Gone are the halcyon days of the early era of hope when the 'evil empire' changed and the 'Cold War was over. I bet you are all thrilled with the 'replacement.' At least  we knew what we were dealing with when the 'nuclear clock' was seconds away from planetary Armageddon.
We have seen the steady erosion of hope as Putin changed the law so that he can extend his rule. Tsarisism/Stalinism, call it what you like; it all amounts to the same result---a Russia hell-bent on rushing back to the past. What is it about this proud nation, that it seems to need these bully boys? Maybe  the history is such that it produces some of the best music, art and literature the world has ever seen. Maybe this pain is the driving force of culture.
Now take this latest move and try to put I into perspective. I can only wonder at what will happen after this temporary era of sensitivity and understanding comes to an end after the visitors leave. Will it be somewhat like those childhood experience's many of us can relate to whereby our parents smiled as we misbehaved during visits from relations and friends, but the 'shit hit the fan' once they left. Retribution for misdemeanours was swift and memorable. Is that what the Russian gay/lesbian, transgender community can look forward to; a return to the heavy-handed actions from a police and a rapid return to the 'closet.' What a farce and sad indictment on the free-sprit of those who care in Russia. Perhaps however there is another possibility. Once the genie in the bottle has a sniff of what 'could be,' the powers that be will see that there is no threat; if anything Russian culture embark on an even stronger direction. Way to go Putin, 'girl friend!'
Just imagine what it will be like in the Middle East, when the World Cup is held in a few years. Maybe the Imams will give special dispensation for 'gay' behaviour! Yeah right!


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